Friday, 2 January 2015

Craft for the Weekend - Coloured Ice Balls

Each Friday we aim to bring you an easy to do activity at home for the weekend! We know sometimes there's hours in the day you just don't know what to do with- so follow along and let us help make those hours fun and productive for your little monster! We try and pick activities that use materials you might already have in the house or can get from a quick pop into the shops! Hope you find these simple activities useful!!
We love these Coloured Ice Balls and if it's cold enough were you live it's a great science experiment for your little monsters (you can do them in the freezer too)! All you need to do if fill balloons with water and add food colouring. Once frozen cut the balloons off and play! Depending how big you've made them, you'll need to be careful as they may be heave! Have a wonderful weekend with your little monsters!

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