Thursday, 19 March 2015

Flower Pot Letter Recognition Play

We liked the Foam Flower Words from Creek Side Learning and wanted to do something similar for our little monsters. It's pre-school friendly, with easy blendable words - cat, dog, hat, pig. We put the words on the pots, and your little monsters gets to match the flower petals to the flowers growing out of the pots- simple and fun!! This activity is great to do with all different stages of little preschool monsters:
Letter Recognition
Sounds and Phonics
Blending and Reading
Small Gross Motor Skills

What you need to do:
Get your free printable from The Basket 
Print your flower pots and flower petals, cut them out (laminate to make them last longer) and the magic happen.
You can add wooden pegs with the letters written on them, to add a different element to the game. This is a great way to get your little monster engaging in letter recognition, counting and colours (paint the pegs the same colour as the pots). What you need to do: print your flower pots, cut them out (laminate to make them last longer) and add pegs (with letters and/or painted). If you add colour to the pegs, your little monster can engage in a little problem solving activity, while practice their small gross motor and literacy skills.
Get your free printable from The Basket - There's blank flower pots and flower petals to use words your little monsters have shown interest in (like their name, mom, dad, ect.).

We handmade some flowers, laminated them and used magnetic tape
(UK) (USA), so our little monsters could play with them on our magnetic chalk board! This would be great to put on the refrigerator too!

Getting a laminator is a must (we think) - They're affordable and come in hand for loads of indoor and outdoor projects!

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