Friday, 13 March 2015

Craft for the Weekend - Kids Tulip Yarn Craft

Each Friday we aim to bring you an easy to do activity at home for the weekend! We know sometimes there's hours in the day you just don't know what to do with- so follow along and let us help make those hours fun and productive for your little monster! We try and pick activities that use materials you might already have in the house or can get from a quick pop into the shops! Hope you find these simple activities useful!!

It's Mother's Day here in the UK and what better way to spend time with your little monster, than making and creating with them! We love these Yarn Wrapped Tulips from School Time Snippets, so simple and a great bunch of flowers to have around the house for a few weeks! Your little monster can practice their small gross motor skills, colours and creativity!! Set up is simple-  cut out some tulips out of a piece of cardboard (free hand- no need to be perfect), attach a stem (popsicle sticks, cardboard, twigs from the garden- whatever works) and then cut small lengths of yarn, thread, rope, twine (whatever you have around the house). Having smaller lengths, will give your little monsters more control and confidence over what they are doing! Top Tip: cut slits along the edges of the tulips to make it easier to wrap the yarn.Then let them get wrapping!!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day and a fab weekend!!

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