Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Crack the Egg Counting Game

This easy to set up Easter Egg Counting Game, is a great way to get your little monster counting! Learning as they play, your little monster will be able to practice their small gross motor,  problem solving and personal skills as they count, imagination and explore.
The object of the game is to break open the eggs into the pan and count what comes out- simples! (You can add numbers onto the out side of the eggs for extra learning opportunities like Teachers Land did.) When you engage with your little monster, you can talk about amount, adding and taking away- adding an early maths introduction to your little monsters play!
This is a great sensory activity as well- We put coloured sand in to the salt and pepper shakers (adding a rough texture) and with the glass breads clinking around, your little monsters will enjoy exploring and role playing with the eggs and other elements in the kitchen. Breaking, pouring, mixing, sprinkling and cooking up some scrambled eggs for breakfast!
What you need:
Get yourself some Eco Friendly Easter Eggs (USA), old frying pan, spoon and glass beads (or use anything small enough to fit into the eggs that your little monster can count)! You can add different cooking elements for some kitchen role play too.
 More Easter Fun for your little monsters:

Make some Easter Eggs:
If your handy with a crochet hook, make your little monsters some Easter eggs. They're so many different play (learning) opportunities with these ever lasting eggs, the possibilities are endless- well almost!
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Great Easter Books to support play:
Here Comes the Easter Cat (UK)  Here Comes the Easter Cat (USA)

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