Monday, 6 April 2015

Big and Small TRIBAL Monster Box Set

Little monsters love small objects, especially when they can explore and imagine with them! Small world play is a great way for your little monsters to express emotions and feelings and explore the world around them, as well as nourishing your little monster through every stage of development. Small world play helps to nurture and develop their imagination and self-expression and your little monster can express themselves through imaginary-world experiences.

A whole little monster world inside a wee little box- perfect for imagination, exploring, learning and playing. Our Big and Small Monster Box Sets will inspire imagination, creativity, story-telling and perfect for open-ended play out and about, as it fits perfect inside your hand bag!! With a little imagination, the play and learning possibilities are endless….......

Big and Small TRIBAL Monster Box Set

All About the Box:
On top of each box is a road, bridge, train track, runway, street, path way, which helps to get the monsters across the ocean, flower garden, field, bubbles or outer space!! Whatever your little monster wants it to be, that's what it is!! (It's suck down nicely with glue, but try and keep your little monsters picking at it. Ohhh and it's NOT waterproof!!)
Monster Map:
Every monster needs to know where they're going and a map is the best way to find out. This map is perfect to searching for colours, numbers, shapes and letters, as well as talking about up, down, side to side, left and right, over, above and under- Lots of exploring opportunities!! It's suck down with glue, so it wont get lost!
2 Conversation Starter Pictures:
Each box has 2 different little pictures, placed inside to enhance conversation-
What's the weather like in the Monster Box?
Is it night time or day time in the Monster Box?
Who's coming to play in the Monster Box today?
Each Big and Small Wooden Monster is made of natural wood and a perfect size for your little fingers.
Removable Crochet Clothes:
We all know little monsters LOVE to take things on and off, so we handmade some monster clothes (with little tails) for your little monsters to explore with. Encourage cognitive problem solving when they try and put back on their monsters clothes, as they work on their fine motor skills. (Some little ones, many need help with this!!)
Little Knitted Sleeping Bag:
Monsters need a place to sleep and what's better than a little cosy sleeping bag perfect for Big and Small! We hand knitted matching sleeping bags, which comes completely out of the box! The sleeping bag (as well as the box) is a great tool to get your little monster to use positional language: In, Out, On Top, Below and Under and a great little prop for imagination!

Big and Small Monster Box Set contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 3.
As with all toys, little ones should be supervised while at play.

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