Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Sensory Seed Play

It’s my favourite time of the year; when we can start talking about life-cycles and our little monsters can be hands on! Planting seeds is a perfect way to get your little monster involved with the world around them and a great way to watch the process of a life-cycle. But after you've planted the seeds and your little monster has given them enough water to sink a ship, how do you keep them interested in the now slow (sometimes boring) process? To help keep the excitement alive, here's a few fun activities you can set up:
Seed play is a great sensory activity and easy to set up-inside or out. If you've kept the packets that the seeds came in, let them play with them and add garden pots and tools, fake and real flower, cuttings from the herb garden and seeds (we used different beans and bird seed mix to keep cost down). This is a great way for your little monster to explore the concept of gardening and growing, through imagination and role play, along with developing small gross motor skills: 

Bring it inside with an Indoor Garden Shop
One of our little monsters pretended to plant flowers in the sand box -
“Look, I’ve planted a flower for you!”
A garden shop is a great way for your little monsters to role play and build on their experiences. We used real seed, including beans, peas and potatoes, garden pots, laminated the seed packs (so they could buy them over and over again) and added play money and a till. Add printed images, words and numbers to the shop, so your little monster can learn while they play!

In an empty water/sand try, you can set up another great role play experience for your little monster, by adding tools to weigh, scoop, pour and transfer with. We used dried beans and bird seeds again and added printed images (including the laminated seed packs) and if you're really brave add soil for the full effect! Again it's a great way for your little monster to develop their small gross motor skills and explore the world around them!

 Haven't started your garden yet? Here are some Quick Growing Plants:
 Morning Glory 
Sweet Peas 
 Salad Bowl Lettuce 
Mustard or Cress Seeds 
Sugar Peas 

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