Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Honeycomb Crochet Baby's Blanket

My God Mother has a great company (Corinne's Honey Farm LLC) making all sorts of different amazing Honeybee products. So when her first granddaughter was born she sent me THIS pin, asking if I could make something similar. So I set of to designed and make my first ever crochet blanket! I wasn't planning on blogging about this blanket, but I've had such an over whelming response on my other social media sites, I thought I had to let the crochet world know what I've done and it was for a little monster, so it all ties into The Basket nicely. Next time I create anything like this, I'll make sure to write it down and take more photos as I go- for now here's my best memories of how I did it: 
I used this step by step to make my Hexagon, changing colours between steps 3 and 4.
Yarn I used:
Middle of hexagons (Steps 1-3):
Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (340083) x 1 ball (19 hexagons)
Essentials Merino (65) x 2 balls (27 hexagons) plus one more ball for finishing and edging.
Outer rows of hexagons (Steps 4-5):
Rico Baby so soft (003) x 1 ball (15 hexagons)
Rico Baby so soft (012) x  1 ball (33 hexagons) plus one more ball for finishing and edging.
You'll only need to make 48 honeycomb hexagons all together! Check out the colour patterns I used down below.

Flower Patch:
You can do any type of flower here, but I used an African Flower pattern. Make sure they are the same size of your hexagons (meaning the same number of stitches on the outer edging of each hexagon), or you'll have trouble sewing them up! I made 8 flowers and just used left over DK yarn for the "flower" part and then used Rico Baby so soft (003) for the middle and outer parts.

The Bees:
The Bees really tie this blanket together- I made 4 and placed them sporadically over the blanket. Using black DK for the body, start with a magic circle and expand out (using 1dc, 2dc) until desired size. I used some left over dark yellow DK for the stripes and simply chained 6-7 stiches and then sewed them onto the black circle (bees body). For the wings I used white DK and made 7 treble crochet stitches into the same hole/stich on each side of the bees body, leave a long piece of yarn at the end to sew the bee onto the blanket with! Simples- add as many as you like, they're so cute!!

 Lay out all your hexagons before you start sewing up- key!! You can do this anyway you like- I ended up putting all the dark centre hexagons in the middle of the blanket and using the lighter outer edge hexagons on the left near the flower patch. To crochet the squares together: grab two and put them wrong side together; then single crochet along the sides through the inside loops only- I loved how this created more texture (for more info on how to do this go to crafts.tutsplus)!! When I put the flowers together I used Rico Baby so soft (003) and for the honeycombs and outer edging I used Essentials Merino (65).

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  1. Hello,

    I noticed that Debbie bliss should be use with a crochet Size 3.25, Essentials Merino size 4-4.5 and Rico Baby size 4.
    Did you use only one crochet for the whole blanket, then wich size did you choose, or did you change the size of your crochet depending on your wool ?