Monday, 17 August 2015

Cardboard Tube - Ball Run

Tube Runs are such a fun and easy activity for monsters of all ages- best of all you can create them on the cheap! We were lucky to have a life size bamboo shoots and ladders to accommodate a large cardboard tube a parent brought in, but you don't need to have this kind of setup to create an amazing Cardboard Tube Ball Run for your little monsters! 

Depending on the width of your tube you can use:
All different kinds and sizes of balls: Bouncy, Foam, Plastic & Felt Balls
The large tube was a great addition to our bamboo shoots and ladders game. Our little monsters had to use their problem solving skills and work out what would fit down the tube and had a wonderful time experimenting with different objects - they learnt quickly that the small balls were the fastest, therefore the most fun! The different opportunities for play, made this game entertaining for all- some just wanted to put as many down as possible, while others liked racing their balls down the tube. But they all agreed watching them pop out again and again was the best!!

This is a great activity for small and large gross motor skills, personal and emotional skills, problem solving, repetition and experimentation.

Easy to create at home too! Have the tubes free flowing or prop them up against a chair.
We play a high or low game, asking our little monsters if the want us to hold the tube high or low and then they run after their ball when it comes out.
We love what Little Bins for Little Hands did with their Recycled Cardboard Tubes and for the older little monster we love Lemon Lime Adventure's Scientific Recording of their tube run!!

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