Monday, 10 August 2015

Fizzy Chalk Painting

We were inspired by Learn, Play, Imagines  ABC Eruptions and created our own Fizzy Chalk Painting for our little monsters to create, explore and get messy with. This is a great fine & gross motor skill active to get your little monster moving in lots of different ways.  
Firstly, we took all of our old chalk (you know the pieces that are too small for them to hold onto anymore) and got them to help break it all up using rocks. They obviously loved this- destruction, right!! It’s best to soften up the chalk for them a little, by giving the chalk a bash or two yourself!

Then we added baking soda- about 1/2 & 1/2 mixture and water (not too much water, the thicker the better) to make our paint.

The kids went off and drew whatever they wanted with their paint. When they were all done (and before it dried), we gave them the magic potion (vinegar, which you can add the vinegar to their plate of paint or Justin a bowl on it's own). When the vinegar was added, our little monsters got to see their paintings come to life.

This activity is just another way to encourage the kids to mark make and be creative!!

Get BIG chalk for the little monsters to use (the small chalk disappear in no time at all!)  

20 Giant Chalks(UK)
ToySmith Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk - 20 chalks (USA)

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