Tuesday, 18 August 2015

JUMP! Literacy Chalk Play

Our little monsters were playing a race game, so I asked them if I could set up a a track with a little obstacle for them to run around. They were happy for me to do this and by doing so I was able to support their play with a little phonic/letter learning, by writing the word JUMP next to the obstacle- sneaky, sneaky!

After I was finished, I stood back and let their game evolve. Our little monsters started to use other items around the garden to create new challenges and obstacles (and even did a little of their own mark making), to extend their play and environment. It was a great learning & creating through play experience for the kids!
What our little monsters used:
Planks of wood
Milk crates

Get BIG chalk for the little monsters to use (the small chalk disappear in no time at all!)  

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