About Marc

Little fact: The name Marc comes
from the initials of my full name

 I've always had way too many hobbies, interests, time wasters, procrastination enablers- whatever you want to call them - I have a lot! But I can’t give them up, not one of them. I've tried (not really)! Yarn Diet & Craft Rehab, but I've come to the conclusion that it's best to share what you love! So, that’s what I did and ended up creating another hobby and became a blogging, watermarking, Pinterest & Instagram addict, spreading the news all over my Facebook & Twitter page. I love creating for little monsters, so most of my hobbies can be linked to them! I've created Marc's Treasure Basket to share my knowledge, that I have gained over 17 years of working with all sorts of little monsters. (I even went and got my self a BA (hons) degree in Early Education, along with an EYPS) 

It’s my passion and love for all little monsters around the world that drives me to create and share my knowledge. I truly hope you will be inspired to play, create and be heathy with your little monsters at home or in your childcare setting.

Some of my little Monsters!
I'm a California girl, but have spent most of my adult life in the UK. I'm a tomboy who loves girly things, creating with yarn, paper and paint (not necessarly at the same time), being behind the camera more than infront and sometimes wish the montains and the beach could be the same place! I met my husband on a snow covered hill, when I was a teen and thought I landed a cute snowboarding kiwi! But he has surpassed my expectations as a husband and man and became a jet pilot in the RAF (and that's how I ended up in the UK - in a nutshell). We've travelled the world together and have had some amazing adventures over the past 16 years, but the biggest one just arrived.................

I'm now some what of a hippy, because of this little man! In my kitchen, I’m a bit obsessed with real food and can be often seen cooking with a stick of butter or putting bones into the slow cooker. My new lifestyle evolved slowly during the long journey to create our own little monster (you can read about the journey here) and it's now become a passion of mine to help create healthy little monsters - new and old!! I specialize in (in)fertility, IVF support and pregnancy – but I'm also here to help families in all sorts of healing opportunities. I'm a qualified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner and if you'd like any support in your own journey or have any questions, please feel free to get in contact. 

These photos sum me up - yarning, family & friends, snow, ocean, photography, nature & little monsters - - and yes that's ME in the back of a Hawk!

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